I do not shoot weddings normally. Only two since I started photography to be honest.

But this wedding was something even more special in front of the magical scenery of Iceland.

Once again, congratulations to Timo and Michaela. It was an amazing day up there, in the windy, cold north.


People. You may have already noticed due to the size of this genre, that it is not my main object in photography.

But sometimes I get inspired and want to chase the natural light not just in the landscape. I want to shape humans with it.

Although, I have to admit. In one of these pictures, a flash was used. But I will not tell in which…


Back in 2014, I started a project in levitation photography.

The core is to make to exposures. One with the person laying on, for example, a chair and one without.

Afterwards, both pictures will be blended on the computer.