You can find tiny squirrels and giant humpback whales in this collections of mammals.

Some of the pictures were made in open-air enclosures, some on the wild nature.

No matter where the pictures were taken, passion is the key. Hours can pass by until the animal you are waiting for maybe peaks out for a few moments.


Some of the smallest creatures in this collection. But not only small but incredibly fast.

This combination makes it very tricky to catch them in your frame.

Since they are so small most lenses cannot handle them and you need special macro lenses.


Most people do not like these little sometimes hairy and for some people very wretched animals.

Nonetheless, they can give a very interesting object for your photos.

As seen here, their impressive webs can look beautiful in sunlight or with drops on them.


I was not really satisfied with the flower photography from my early years.

So I went for the big deal. Larger plants. The real thing.

But seriously in the right season, with the right surrounding and the right light they can be absolutely magnificent.


Not a single bird on this category is from the same country or „lives“ there.

Germany, Iceland, Finland, Australia or Norway. Each was captured in another country.

Now guess which one is which…


A small section at the end. One reptile and one amphibian.

One captured in the zoo and one in wildlife.

Which one was captured where is probably easy to tell.