The universe seems endless. More stars an objects you could ever think of. 

Seeing the night sky in its full beauty is raw these days.

Only in remote areas with less light pollution or with special equipment it is possible to capture this beautiful scenery.


Down under, on the other side of the world is another country very special and unique. 

Something like the Uluru is a natural spectacle more than worth seeing. Furthermore, the night sky out there is absolutely amazing.

Let us see what the west coast in 2019 will offer.


The Lofoten, a group of islands in the north of Norway, over the northern polar circle.

Rough sea, mountain, cold wind and rain are not unusual up there.

But these weather conditions, combined with stunning light create one of the most beautiful landscapes all around Europe.


The land of ice and fire is exactly what describes Iceland best. From volcano to icebergs and waterfall next to waterfall.

This is what makes Iceland so special and unique.

It is one of the most beautiful countries I have been to because it is so different from everything else.


My study exchange brought me to this country in 2018. And Finland is exactly what you expect. Forest and lakes. All over the place.

But these lakes give the opportunity for some amazing reflections.

And especially in the autumn when the fog creeps into the forest it is a very mystic atmosphere.


The most southern part of Germany. The entry to the Alps with its majestic peaks.

Every season has something unique in the Allgau. No matter when you go there. What is in front of your lens is different every time.

And of course, one of the most famous places in Germany can be found here. The Schloss Neuschwanstein.


Our western neighbours have more to offer than baguette, croissants and average wine.

Especially the Normandie and Bretagne are not only shaped by the second world making it one of the most interesting historic sights in Europe,

but the landscape there is absolutely stunning.


Europes gemstone. My native country. And a country providing amazing landscapes all over the place.

The Allgau in the south got a special section on this side, but also the Bavarian forest is every visit worth it.

Some places like the coast of the Baltic sea are still on my bucket list.


Not only the Lofoten have stunning landscapes, although they are a bit more majestic than the rest.

Visiting Norway around Bergen gives you the possibility of visiting stunning waterfalls and rivers.

Discovering more of Norway is definitely something I am looking forward to.


Last but not least, a volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

I have sadly never been to the moon but from what I have seen so far, the area around the Teide might be close to it.

The Canaries will get another visit someday for sure.