Back in the winter of 2017, I decided to go on a trip to Paris and London.

London was my second stop on this journey and it was totally worth it.

Not only because of the Harry Potter studios but also because of very nice weather allowing me those shots.


As I said before, Paris was my stop before London in 2017.

It was raining nearly the whole time, but a photographer does not despair.

So, I used the rain as my advantage and photographed reflections all around the city.


The first stop of the road trip Maximilian Bader and I made to France in 2017.

We have not seen much of the city and what it can offer before so we just headed out and explored.

Despite the expectations, Brussels is a very nice city and on top, we had the opportunity to visit an exhibition of Steve McCurry.

One of the greatest photographers ever in my opinion.


Not the capital of Australia but probably the most known city in down under.

And of course, since I will not come to Australia every summer,

the Opera, as well as the Harbour Bridge, were framed and captured by me.