Hello! That’s me on the left. Maik Zinnäcker, 20-years-old from Stuttgart, Germany.

As you may have noticed, my passion is photography. This passion started back in 2012.

In the beginning, I photographed everything that could not escape quickly enough away from my lens.

Landscape, flowers, people or aeroplanes. But this is good since you need the camera to become a part of you at first.

In 2013 I joined the fotoclub filderstadt. One of the best decisions I have ever made. The progress I made within there would not have been possible alone.

With time I specialized my photography in the fields of landscape and nature.

The light as the key is important in every genre of photography. The excitement in landscape photography is the chase of the light.

You want to find those special places and want to capture them in the most beautiful light.

Today photography is my escape from everyday life. The time when I can calm down.

What I achieved during this time I want to show you here.


A special, big „Thank you“ to Maximilian Bader, Harald Löffler, Melina Keil and David Büttner for joining me on this journey.



2012 – I bought my first camera
2013 – I joined the fotoclub Filderstadt
2014 – I made my „Levitation“ project
2015 – I went to Australia and shot one of my best night sky pictures
2016 – The second „boot camp“ took place
2017 – Trips to Paris, London, the Allgau, France and Belgium brought wonderful shots
2018 – I went to Iceland again and the Lofoten. Two of the most beautiful spots in this world.